When you shop for a garden hose, length is one of the primary details that you'll want to take into account. Any garden supply store in your community will sell garden hoses in several different lengths. Initially, you might be thinking about choosing the longest one possible. There are numerous advantages to a long garden hose, but you should also evaluate the merits of a shorter hose. Provided that your yard is small or moderate in size, a short garden hose can be the perfect device for your watering needs. Here are three benefits of a short garden hose.

Light In Weight

A big advantage of using a short garden hose is that it's significantly lighter in weight than its longer counterparts. Hoses that are very long can often be surprisingly heavy to lift, which can be an issue for certain people. If you're elderly or have arm, shoulder, or back problems, you may find that the weight of a long hose is a challenge to manage during your daily watering tasks. You'll likely find that a short hose that is light in weight is a lot easier to move around your yard.

Less Storage Space

A lot of people live in climates in which it's necessary to store their hose over the winter, rather than leave it outside. Commonly, people will store the hose in their garage, garden shed, or basement. A long hose can take up a surprising amount of space, even if you do your best to coil it in a tidy manner. A short hose, meanwhile, will take up considerably less storage space over the winter. If your storage space is limited, which can often be the case in a small garden shed that already holds a lot of items, you'll appreciate the compact nature of a short hose.

Fewer Kinks

One of the challenges that can occasionally arise when you're working with a garden hose is encountering a kink. Long hoses tend to develop more kinks. You might be watering in the front yard and suddenly encounter a weak flow of water. This is indicative of a kink and will require you to walk along the length of the hose to find the kink and fix it. Shorter hoses experience fewer kinks, which can save this hassle when you're watering.

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