When you have new flooring installed, you want it to last as long as possible. It seems like there are innumerable things that could ruin your flooring, no matter the type you choose, and while there are things that will not help, there are ways to counter them so that you can make that flooring stay in place and look good for years.

Use Products From One Manufacturer Only

When manufacturers make flooring products, they test those products only with other products that they make. So when they say that a certain glue is best to use with a specific type of flooring, they can only speak of their own brand of glue and flooring. They can't guarantee any results if you use their glue with another manufacturer's flooring, for example. That means that if you mix and match brands in an effort to save money, your flooring may fail early on. Tiles may come loose, for example. And, your warranty on the flooring would essentially be void as you used an outside product. For best results and long-lasting flooring, pick a manufacturer and stick with them for all the products needed to install the flooring.

Ensure Products Are Water-Resistant Where Needed

It's crucial that you get water-resistant flooring in areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. You also need water-resistant flooring in areas where spills might be common, such as a child's play area. A lot of flooring has different versions, some water resistant and others not; laminate is one example. You must be careful and choose the correct type when you look at the options available. Water resistance is usually a big selling point, so chances are that the retailer you work with will have all of the water-resistant flooring types highlighted somehow.

Choose Flooring That Fits Your Lifestyle

This one sounds vague, but it's possibly the most important one. Choose flooring that fits your lifestyle. You don't want fragile flooring in a home full of kids and pets, for example, and you don't want flooring that requires special care if you lead a very busy life and dislike cleaning. If you don't want to spend time cleaning, then you'd want flooring that was easy to take care of, such as vinyl tile that needs a simple wash with occasional sweeping. Or, you'd want stain-resistant carpet that you can vacuum in just a few minutes. Homes with pets and kids would need everything to be as stain- and chip/scratch-resistant as possible. The flooring you choose should make life easier for you.

Home flooring distributors usually have many different types of flooring available. What you'll need to do is seek out retailers who offer the full line from the distributor and manufacturer they have chosen to work with. That way, you'll get to see all those options and be able to find the flooring types that are best for your home.

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