If mildew discolorations and other stains on your shower curtain have impacted your enjoyment of bathing and showering, utilizing a glass door that is easy to clean may be a better alternative. Replace an old curtain with a swinging or sliding door style. 

A Swinging or Sliding Glass Panel

An independent shower stall that consists of a square-shaped cubicle is more likely to utilize a swinging door style. The length of a tub is more extensive than each side of a standard-sized shower stall. This may require that two sliding glass panels are used to cover the length of a tub.

Some glass panels that are designed for tubs and shower stalls may be reversible. This will accommodate those who would like to choose the direction that a door will open. A reversible door will contain the same type of surface on each side of a glass panel. A reversible model may be fully-framed, partially-framed, or unframed.

A Magnetic Strip

If a door glides along the framework that it is attached to and it does not seem that much force is needed to open or close a glass door, a door may not remain secure while a shower stall or tub is occupied. A flexible magnetic strip insert will form a seal along the edge of each glass pane. A magnetic strip will not interfere with the design element of a door and will be virtually undetectable while a door is fully closed.

Glass Products

Since a shower door will be manually opened and closed each time that a shower stall or bathtub will be used for bathing purposes, it is commonplace for tempered glass panes to be used to construct each door panel. Tempered glass is not as fragile as non-tempered glass. Tempered glass products consist of clear, patterned, reflective, and beveled surfaces. Frosting or film may be used to enhance a smooth or decorative glass surface.

Etched or fluted markings are often used to add texture to a glass surface. If these types of markings are added to a clear glass panel, frosting or a film will not be needed to increase the privacy level that a glass panel provides. Textured markings that are aligned close together will make a glass door appear opaque. Rain glass patterns or tiny bubble designs are some alternate markings that will add texture and privacy to a glass panel.

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