When you think about getting pest control services for your home, an image of an exterminator spraying pesticide from a wand and canister may spring to mind. While these types of treatments are common for treating indoor and outdoor pests, there are other types of pest control services you might need. Here's a look at some pest control services you should know about in case you ever need to use them.


Fumigation is a pest treatment that involves covering your house with a tarp and filling it with a pesticide vapor that kills bugs inside. This is often used to get rid of termites, but the pesticide kills other bugs, too. Fumigation treatments aren't as common as spray treatments, so you may never need to have your home treated that way, but it's a good solution for protecting your house against further termite damage.

Heat Treatments

Heat treatments are another way to treat your entire house for bugs, mainly bed bugs. However, these treatments don't use chemicals, just heat. Since bed bugs often have a tolerance built up for pesticides, killing them with heat has proven to be quick and effective. The high heat kills other bugs, too.


Traps are used for animal pests. If you have a problem with mice or rats, a pest control company can set up several traps to eliminate them. However, if you have bats, squirrels, or raccoons in your attic, the exterminator has to take a different approach.

They may start by installing a one-way exit so the animals can get out but not get back in your attic. In some cases, a problem raccoon or other animal may need to be caught in a trap and removed from your property.

Colony Eradication

When it comes to eliminating certain pests, the exterminator may be more interested in wiping out the colony rather than just fight the pests inside your home. This is especially true of ants that just keep coming back once they've been killed in your house.

The pest control professional may track down the colony and treat it directly if possible, and if not, they may use bait. Bait works well for termites and ants. The pests find the bait and take it back to the colony to poison other ants or termites until the colony is eliminated, putting an end to your indoor pest problem.

Prevention Treatments

You can call a pest control company when you have a roach or spider infestation, but it's also a good idea to have preventative treatments. With these, the pest control professional might spray around the outside of your house on a set schedule to keep bugs from getting inside and multiplying.

The exterminator might also check your home for signs of pest problems and seal up areas that let rodents or bugs slip inside. As they work around your house, the pest control professional may notice areas such as a dripping drain in the kitchen that creates dampness that attracts bugs. The exterminator can point these problems out so you can fix them and reduce the risk of a bug problem in your home.

Contact a local pest control company to learn more.