Which replacement windows are best for your home? The answer to this question will depend, at least in part, on the style of your home. For instance, in a Craftsman home, wooden replacement windows are probably the best fit style-wise. In a modern home, white vinyl windows will look very in-place. You will need to keep style in mind when choosing the right windows for your individual home, but style is far from the only factor to consider. Here are some more tips to help you choose the right replacement windows, regardless of your home's style.

Buy windows from a window replacement company that will install them

Unless you are a window replacement contractor yourself — which you probably are not if you are reading this article — you should not buy windows at a big box store and count on installing them yourself. Installing a window is a lot more than just popping it into the frame. You have to know how to shim the window to properly balance it, and how to insulate around the window. These skills take years to learn and develop. You're always better off buying windows from a window replacement company that includes installation in their prices.

Opt for double-pane glass, at the very least

You may see some single-pane windows that are advertised as meeting standards in areas with mild climates. However, even if you live in one of those mild climate, you are better off buying double-pane windows. They are far more insulating, so they will keep your home more comfortable in all seasons while also lowering your AC or heating bills — even if those bills are already low. And in a harsher climate, whether that climate is cold or hot, you absolutely need double-pane or even triple-pane windows to enjoy reasonable energy efficiency.

Pay attention to the warranty

Even with the best windows, there can sometimes be errors made in the manufacturing process that cause the windows to fail prematurely. And even the best installers can make the occasional mistake. To protect yourself in cases like these, make sure you buy windows that come with a warranty both on materials and on installation. A 10-year warranty is exceptional, and a 5-year warranty is sufficient in most cases.

If you keep the advice above in mind when shopping, you're likely to choose great replacement windows regardless of the style of home you live in.