Having a nice kitchen can really transform the way that you feel about your home. If you are like most families, you probably spend most of your time in your kitchen eating, cooking, hanging out, and even helping your kids do homework. However, if you have an outdated kitchen, then it may be the last place you want to spend your time. To make your home's kitchen the central focus of your home while ensuring that it withstands wear and tear from your kids, there are a few different things that you should consider adding to your home. 

Solid Wood Cabinets

Painted cabinets may look chic and stylish but they can chip easily; especially when you have little ones running around. While you can have the paint on your cabinets touched up, consider just going with something that requires less maintenance like solid wood cabinets. Solid wood cabinets in a light oak are gaining a lot of popularity because they are durable and beautiful but still give off that light and airy vibe that's so popular in design right now. 

Go With Stone Countertops

Laminate countertops are going to save you money, but stone countertops like ridge stone or limestone are really going to give you a kitchen that lasts a long time. With a stone countertop, as long as it's properly sealed, you can cut vegetables on it, prepare dinner, and not have to worry about things like scratches. Plus, the stone will really give your kitchen a more sophisticated look.

Depending on the overall design aesthetic that you are going for, you may want to go with something that's slighter or darker in color. Just remember that although light stone countertops can give off a classic look, they can show stains more easily which means that you will have to have them sealed every couple of months on average. 

Laminate or Tile Floors

Water is bound to get spilled on your kitchen floors, and if you have wood floors in your kitchen, then they may start to warp if they have too much water on them. A more affordable and durable option may be to go with tile or even laminate that looks like hardwood. if you do go with laminate, look for something like LVT which has a waterproof underlayment underneath it to help protect your floor from water damage. 

To learn more about stone and other kitchen options, reach out to a retailer near you today.