More people have found themselves working from home, especially in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Whether you're working a job remotely or starting up a new business, you may need to outfit a home office. The desk will provide the heart of that office. Below are some considerations to keep in mind when you shop for that desk.

1. Main Use

Not all work-from-home jobs are the same. Therefore, the desks will vary according to its main use. Before you even start looking for a desk, brainstorm the main ways you'll use it to fulfill your work. Knowing the use or function ahead of time will help you choose a desk with the ideal configuration. For example, if most of your work is on a computer, you'll look at desks configured to accommodate a lot of plug-ins. However, if your job or business generates paperwork, you may want a desk with shelving or cabinet space.

2. Shape

The main use of your desk can also help you choose the shape. Granted, you'll have to pay attention to the available space, but most desk shapes come in different sizes or in sectionals so you can piece them together. If space is limited, or you'll mostly use your desk for meeting clients, a rectangular desk is probably sufficient. L-shaped and U-shaped desks are good if you need a lot of space for books or papers. Computer desks are often L-shaped so you can have enough surface space for your computer and papers. 

3. Ergonomics

If you're taking the trouble to set up a home office, you probably plan to spend a lot of time at your desk. Take advantage of the fact that, unlike in a business office, you'll get to choose a desk that fits your specific needs. Your desk needs to provide adequate clearance for your legs. It should also be at a good height for typing on a computer. You can only adjust the height differential so much with an office chair. You can also look into a desk with a keyboard platform to that end.

4. Material

The material of the desk will influence its lifespan — and also its price tag. If you're going to work from home for the foreseeable future, though, you want to invest in a quality piece of furniture. Wood is a good choice for a warm and inviting appeal. Such desks are beautiful but pricey. Metal is more durable, though, and you can find one that fits a modern aesthetic. For a truly modern appeal, consider a glass-topped desk.

Keep the above considerations in mind to find an ideal desk for your home office. Contact office furniture suppliers to learn more.