If you just purchased stainless-steel cable railings to use on your deck outdoors, you are most likely enjoying the unobstructed view of the landscape when you are in this area. Many people enjoy stainless-steel cable railings, as they allow you to enjoy the natural surroundings while still providing safety. It is important to take some steps in maintaining stainless-steel cable railings so they do not become drab in appearance, which can minimize their appeal. Here are some tips you can use to keep your cable railings looking their best for years to come.

Clean Your Railings to Remove Debris

It is a good idea to wipe down your cable railings regularly to remove any debris that may settle upon them. This can be done with a piece of microfiber cloth to minimize the risk of scratching the steel during the cleaning process. If the rails appear to be lackluster, you can shine them up by applying a household cleaner or a mixture of mild soap and water to the cloth before you rub them down. This will remove any smudges from the rails with ease. It is important to select a cleaner without a chloride additive, as this can cause pitting to occur in stainless-steel items. Rinse the cleaning agent from the rails after application using a garden hose or wipe it away with a clean piece of wet microfiber cloth.

Remove Scratches or Scuff Marks

If you notice scrapes on your stainless-steel cable railings, you will want to try to buff them from the surface without causing additional damage to the cables in the process. Purchase a non-abrasive scouring pad used to wash pots and pans from a home goods store. This can effectively rub away scratches from the surface of a cable. Make sure to rub the pad in the same direction as the threads in the cable to help in blending in the appearance of the scratch with the remainder of the steel. Polish the cable with a cleansing agent and piece of microfiber cloth afterward.

Add a Protective Coating

If you live near a marine environment, such as next to a swimming pool, the ocean, or another body of water, your steel cable railings will be at risk for corrosion and rusting due to the air conditions in this type of climate. While steel is a durable material, it is still best to take precautions in protecting it from this possibility. Contact your stainless-steel cable-railing manufacturer to see if they have a product available to help in minimizing corrosion. This type of product works much like car wax. It is applied directly to the cables and can be reapplied when it wears from the cables as a result of normal precipitation.