Finding faux wood blinds in fun, funky colors is not always easy. Teens often enjoy expressing themselves by decorating their room in unique, bright colors. Consider allowing your teen to give their room a customized look by painting a set of faux wood blinds. The guide below walks you through the quick and easy process your child can follow to create their customized blinds.

Take Apart the Blinds

The first thing that needs to be done is the blinds being taken apart so they can be painted. There are two vertical strings that are strung through the ends of the slats of the blinds. At the end of the strings are knots that need to be untied so that the slats can be freed. Each slat will pull free from the strings independently because there are small horizontal strings that hold the slats in place on the vertical strings. Lift each slat slightly off the horizontal strings and then pull them away from the vertical strings through the small openings in the slats.

Paint the Slats

The slats need to be laid flat on newspaper outside so that your child has ample ventilation when painting them. A can of spray paint that matches the color scheme your child chose for the room needs to be used to paint the slats. Allow the paint to dry for a few hours and then the slats need to be flipped over so that another coat of paint can be applied to the opposite side of the slats. The paint then needs to dry for a few hours on the second side of the slats.

Restring the Slats

Next, a toothpick needs to be used to push paint out of the holes that the strings for the blinds go through to hang the slats back into place. Each slat then needs to be carefully placed over the horizontal strings, while the vertical strings go into the openings on the slats. When complete, pull the vertical stings and tie the knots back into the ends of the strings to keep the slats in place.

Once the blinds have been restrung, you can hang them back into place in the windows. The color should really pop in the room and create the unique look your child wanted. This can be a great way to customize a room in a rental property because it doesn't cause any damage to the room, but creates the amazing look that your child wants. Contact a company like Spotless Shade & Blind CO for more information.