If you like to have a nice garden, irrigation is important. There are many different types of sprinkler systems that you can use to water your lawn, which include controls that are getting smarter. The controls can tell you a lot about the climate and watering needs of your plants. Here are some smart irrigation controls that will help you have the greenest lawn and healthiest plants:

1. Simple Controls That Use Programmable Timers  

One of the simplest ways to control sprinklers is with a timer. These sprinkler controls have a clock that can be set to water your garden at specific hours. You will have to manually set the system to adjust for changes in hours and watering regulations. If you are looking for an affordable irrigation control solution, this will be the least expensive choice. If you want to install one of these systems, you may want to consider a digital controller. You can also look for one with features for water regulations to help avoid fines when there are water restrictions in your area.

2. Controls That Include Rain Gauges And Sensors

You may want to have more of an automated system to control your sprinklers. There are systems that have rain gauges to help optimize water. They will tell the system rain levels to determine whether irrigation is needed or not. These systems can also include sensors for things like the moisture content and soil conditions. Most of these systems can also allow you to program them for odd and even day watering restrictions. These systems will cost a little more depending on the sensors and additional features that they have.

3. Systems That Are Connected To The Internet For Weather Information

The newest solution for irrigation controls are systems that are connected to the Internet. This can provide your sprinklers with information like weather conditions and forecasts. The additional information can be combined with sensors to determine the optimal times to water your garden. Some of these systems can even be networked with other systems to gather and share information. This can help you reduce your water consumption. This type of system will be one of the most costly systems to have installed.

Sprinkler controls can help keep your garden healthy with the right information. Contract a sprinkler service like Bayscapes to talk with them about some of these solutions for the irrigation systems in your garden.