Whether you want outdoor lighting for your home to add appeal or for the convenience of nighttime entertainment, there are many ways you can beautify your landscape with the right lights. From lanterns to spotlights learn the best ways to make your landscape pop at night.


You can use lanterns in many ways to make your landscape and your outdoor patio more appealing. Table lanterns that you can set on your deck or as a centerpiece on your patio table can be affordable. In fact, you can purchase cheap lanterns online. You can buy rustic varieties with an antique finish or choose modern styles in white or black to match your patio furnishing patterns. In buying cheap lanterns online for your patio, make sure you buy enough to properly light your entertaining area. You will want a few to line your patio steps as well as a lantern for each table for ample lighting.

Standing lanterns complement outdoor gardens and give off a whimsical appeal. Use lanterns with a stand to highlight rose bushes, exotic plants, or even walkways in your garden to illuminate your garden at night.


Spotlights are designed to showcase key areas of your yard. You can install spotlights along a retaining wall to illuminate your home, or place them along walking paths to give a warm and safe appeal at night. You can also install spotlights under trees to make Willows, Birch trees, and Maple varieties look beautiful at any time of night. When choosing spotlights to illuminate your landscape, choose a soft yellow glow for a more natural appeal.

Hanging candles

Hanging candles are perfect for entertaining since they give off a romantic, natural light that doesn't overpower an intimate space. You can place hanging candles along your deck or even in trees away from branches to give your outdoor area a soft, charming glow while eating a romantic dinner outdoors or entertaining a small group of guests on your patio.

Your landscape can be brought to life with the right kind of lighting. You can use spotlights to illuminate your home and make you feel safer, or use lanterns to add a sense of charm and whimsy to your patio or garden. Even hanging candles placed in the right areas of your yard can give you the perfect glow you need for entertaining or admiring your yard at night. There are many styles of candles, cheap lanterns online, and spotlights you can choose from to make your landscape beautiful at all times.