There are a variety of window treatments available for your bedroom, with shades being among the most popular. Shades are beautiful, functional, and great especially for smaller bedroom windows. Here are some different types of shades you can get for your bedroom.

Roller Shades

The first type of shades you can get for your bedroom are called roller shades. These are among the most popular shades for windows as they are attractive, functional, and easy to install. Roller shades will work on a pulley system. There is a roller on top of the shades that is installed just above the window or right inside the window casement. A string allows you to roll the shades up or down. Roller shades may be made from many different materials, such as solid or patterned fabric, sheer fabric, or bamboo.

Roman Shades

If you want to add more depth and texture to your window shades, you can choose Roman shades. These types of shades have a flat fabric panel that includes deep folds going horizontally. When they are rolled up, the fabric folds up. These folds will remain at the top of your window instead of being hidden completely inside the roller like with roller shades. There are cords that go through rings on the back of the fabric that help create this folded appearance. The important thing here is to choose Roman shades with sturdy fabric so it folds nicely and doesn't get crinkled.

Balloon Shades

Balloon shades are a great choice when you want to go for a more soft, romantic theme in your bedroom. These shades have scallops that create willowy-like folds instead of the straight folds you see with Roman shades. These scallops will gather as you use the string to raise the shades, but then move back down to a blousy fold style when they are straightened. These are often used on the outside of the window instead of the inside like with roller shades.

Tie-Up Shades

Lastly, you can choose tie-up shades for your bedroom. These might be referred to as stagecoach shades since they are done manually. Instead of having a string or cord to raise or lower them, you will roll them manually. When you want to open the shades, you roll them up starting from the bottom, then fasten them with ties or ribbons that are attached. As you might imagine, these aren't as functional as they are decorative.

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