When the warm weather hits, you start spending lots of time outdoors making your landscape look green, lush, and colorful. Whether you have a large lawn or tend to a garden, you know your largest enemy all season long is going to be weeds. You can save yourself a lot of hassle and frustration by using professional weed control companies to get rid of existing weeds and prevent future invaders from popping up on your property. Here are a few ways a commercial weed control expert can help make your landscape weed-free all season long.

Weed barrier

For your garden, around your trees and shrubs, and for borders around your home, weed barrier fabrics are an excellent way to keep pesky plants at bay. An expert measures your garden area and then places a thick coating of special material on the ground, cutting holes for trees, existing plants, and other shrubbery to safely grow through. They then cover the fabric with wood chips, lava rock, or soil if you wish to continue planting. Weeds are unable to thrive through the barrier fabric, making it easier to maintain these decorative areas of your property.

Weed/noxious plant removal

If you have existing weeds or invading plants, such as:

  • morning glory
  • raspberry bushes
  • ivy
  • wild roses

a professional weeding company can remove these sources at the root to prevent them from returning again. This usually involves tilling large areas of your land to remove roots and bulbs that are resistant to burning, cutting back, or even pulling. You may have spent years trying to manage your wild roses or raspberry shoots to no avail, but a professional weed control company can remove these repeat offenders for you so you don't see them taking over your yard year after year.

Chemical killers

There are many ways a professional weed control company can eliminate weeds from your yard. If you have areas of your yard where you don't want grass or weeds, they can place special root-killing pellets around trees and in flower beds that kill all plant life, allowing you to customize what growth you want weeks down the line. For existing weeds, such as dandelions, crab grass, thistles, and more, they use special spray tools to individually attack each plant without damaging the other areas of your yard you wish to keep alive. You will want to keep water, pets, and children out of these areas for 24 hours to keep them safe from chemicals and to allow the spray to do its job.

Weeds can take over your yard, but there are many ways a professional weed control company can get rid of them for you. With weed barrier fabric, root killers, and special removal processes, you can have your landscape back.

For more information, contact Snyder's Weed Control or a similar company.