Many of us have so many electronic devices hooked up at the outlet nearest our entertainment center that we have trouble keeping things organized. Being able to find things and plug the right cord into the right place is important if you want your entertainment center to function efficiently.

Consider the following tips for dealing with all of your cables if things are getting out of hand:

Start again

If your entertainment center cables have gotten very disorganized, it's best to clear all of your cables away and start over again. This can allow you to put in place a new organization system.

Unplug everything and gather your cables together. Then, you can put a power strip down and organize your cables so that they're not a tangled mess. 

Shorten the lengths of cables

Sometimes, cables become messy simply because they're too long. If you don't have much distance between your power strip or outlet and your entertainment center, then your cables don't need to be very long. 

You can shorten cables by rolling them up and biding them together with twist ties or tape.

Keep cables hidden

A disorganized mess of cables can detract from the appearance of your entertainment center. You can hide cables away using a variety of different accessories. You might consider hiding cables behind long curtains or designer screens. Some entertainment systems come with cabinets and cord covers that are perfect for keeping cables out of sight. 

Get a pegboard

Consider what kind of backing your entertainment center has. You might be able to remove the backing that comes with your entertainment center and replace it with a pegboard for more space. Pegboards allow you to hang your cables up so they won't be snaking around all over your floor. 

Put on attachments

Any electronics store has all sorts of accessories that help to keep cords organized. Look for different tacks, hooks, or shelves that can be added to your entertainment center. Many of these accessories can quickly and easily be attached to an entertainment center to organize cables.

Consider getting rid of some devices

Do you really need all of the electronic devices that you have plugged in at your entertainment center? Many of us have bulky items on our entertainment center that take up outlets and that we really don't use very often. Consider putting devices in storage if you don't use them very often and if they're simply taking up space. 

You may also want to simply get a new entertainment center that is easier to organize. If so, visit a company like Vandenberg Furniture to get some ideas going.