If you live in an area with hard water, you're likely aware of the effects. You may see deposits in your sink or shower, and you may see frequent spots on your dishes. While many people deal with hard water, not many people fully understand it. Because of that, there are a lot of misconceptions and flat out myths that go along with hard water and the systems that provide a home with soft water. Here's a look at some of the most common myths, and the real truth behind them.

Myth #1: Since you're adding a substance to the water to clean it, softened water leaves a film on your skin

Your skin will feel less dry after a shower in softened water, but that's actually just your body's natural oils that are better able to reach the surface of your skin. Actually, a shower with softened water will leave you more clean than a shower with hard water. The elements in hard water create a film over your skin that just seems natural because your body gets used to it over time. Once you start to feel your body's natural condition, it feels strange.

Myth #2: Water softeners add sodium to your water

For many people, especially those that have to be aware of sodium in their diet, the notion of more salt intake is something to avoid at all costs. Since many water softeners use a sodium-based system to remove the minerals and elements, it would seem like you end up with even more salt that you started with. But here's the real story: these systems do use and add salt to the water to purify it, but in doing so, they remove all the other salt. What that means is you end up with less salt than you started with.  

Myth #3: Using a water softener takes out nutrients like calcium and magnesium that your body needs

While it is true that water softeners remove magnesium and calcium from water, and it is true that your body needs those elements, there's more to this myth. The elements found in water are in an inorganic form. This means that your body couldn't digest them anyway. The elements your body needs, you'll get through food. So removing those from your water doesn't do any damage.

With a little knowledge, you can enter into your water softener purchasing decision much better prepared. Once you start to break down some of the myths, the benefits of a softening system (from a company like Johnson Water Conditioning) start to show through even more strongly.