A yard that is really comfortable includes areas that offer both sun and shade. This will allow for the largest variety of possible activities. It can, of course, be somewhat challenging to develop your landscape while including large, shaded areas. However, allowing an abundance of sunlight can become both financially and physically demanding. Therefore it's a good idea to make use of prefabricated materials and inexpensive fabrics to create outdoor shaded areas that will be easy on your wallet and minimize eye strain.

Rigging a Sail

A less costly alternative to wood, aluminum or fiberglass structures is to shade your seating area or patio by using a section of hardy, weather fabric. Shade sails provide a lightweight option that can be customized in order to fit any unusually-sized space, in addition to more traditional ones. Rip-stop, canvas nylon and other fabrics constructed for outdoor sports and camping often make excellent shade sails.

The easiest way to install a shade sail is to tie off the corners of the sail with a nylon cord. The sail can then be anchored to porch railings, aluminum poles, trees or another building structure that is suitable. In locations that experience summer storms, grommets, cabling hardware, and reinforced seams provide more substantial anchorage. Check with local garden and patio centers to determine if they stock prefabricated shades.

Hanging Curtains

A covered porch can still have substantial sun exposure, even when there is a roof. While plantation shutters and wood blinds normally involve a big budget that requires custom-fitting, simple roll-shades in a bamboo-style or simple curtains are often just as effective and cost much less. Another low-cost possibility is to use on-sale bedsheets. Keep in mind that chair or rope tiebacks can help you avoid the expense of purchasing complicated hardware.

Using Blinds

Check out seasonal displays and discount stores for roll-shades in a bamboo style. Some of these shades will be constructed with natural bamboo, with many others being made of vinyl. Also, when you purchase these shades they will usually come with any hardware you will need to attach your shade. Remember too that it's always possible to trim the width of your shade by using scissors.

Trellis Screens

Trellis panels made of resin (as well as prefabricated wood) can allow for the easy construction of shaded structures. It's possible to hang short pieces from your porch roof using chains. A trellis can act just like a curtain in that it filters the sun's glare. A larger trellis can be anchored to a fence or mounted to a freestanding frame. For additional shade, consider growing a perennial vine on your trellis. Talk to places like T & J Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Service for more information.