If there's a woman in your life that's extremely hard to buy for and you want to find her a gift you know she'll like, there are a few gift ideas you may find to be perfect for her. This article is full of good gift ideas for the hard-to-buy-for woman in your life.

Gift certificates

A great gift guaranteed to please a woman who's hard to buy for is a gift certificate. You can give her a gift certificate to a store you know she likes to shop at. This allows her to have a good time shopping for something she's guaranteed to like without needing to pay for the item herself.

A handmade item

If you're good at making handmade crafts, you should think about making her a gift yourself. It will make it a thoughtful gift she will appreciate, even if it isn't something she may not have chosen to go out and buy for herself. Thoughtful, handmade gifts are ones that are often the most appreciated. A few examples of a good gift you may be able to make yourself include a quilt, a scarf, a beanie, a throw pillow or a throw.

A framed picture

One gift she'll have to like is a picture of those closest to her in a nice frame. You will want to try to make sure you put the picture in a frame you know is going to go with her other home furnishings. This is a way to give the woman that's hard to buy for a gift you know she is going to hold near and dear to her heart.

Home baked goodies

Find out what type of goodies are her favorite and bake a plate of those goodies yourself. You can put the goodies in a tin and cover them in tissue paper so they are displayed in a nice manner. Since you already know the goodies are her favorite, you know your gift is guaranteed to be a hit.

House cleaning services

You can pay in advance for her to have her house cleaned by a professional house cleaning company. House cleaning services can do lightweight cleaning, including vacuuming, dishes and dusting. They can also do deep cleaning which may include the scrubbing of bathtubs and toilets, as well as laundry. This is also a good gift for someone who has a hard time getting around.

The gift ideas above are great options when you aren't sure what to get for a woman you know happens to be quite picky.